bread espresso & minamimorimachi, 2017
minami-morimachi, osaka

type: bakery and cafe
location: osaka
floor: 135.55 m²
date: may 2017
constructor: imazo
notes: shuhei imazu
metalwork: yoshitaka kanemoto
photo: norikazu sakamoto

Interior design for a bakery and cafe facing the Minamimorimachi intersection.The interior of the cafe, which has a glass facade facing the intersection, can be seen from a distance.
In order to make the most of this location, we planned to create a new view by overlapping the interior with the scenery of the city.A wooden lattice is placed inside the glass facade, and a small steel lattice room with a bread shelf is placed in the center of the fan-shaped plane of the store.Each space spreading from the small room to the street through the facade is provided with an unobstructed lattice screen, which is intended to make the visitors and the products on display appear on the facade, overlapping with the interior of the store.It is a plan to connect the interior with the city as a landscape through the device of lattice screens.