try try try: helmut schmid typography, 2021
ddd gallery, kyoto

type: exhibition
location: kyoto, kyoto
floor: 185 m²
date: april, 2021
constructor: kanpai
photo: nobutada omote

Venue plan for a retrospective exhibition of typographer and graphic designer Helmut Schmid. The exhibition traces the trajectory of Schmid's activities, along with his works and the faces of the people he met in the course of his activities, in each of the 60 years from the 1960s to the 2010s. The exhibition walls are made of perforated stainless steel, which is both reflective and permeable due to its porous nature, and are arranged chronologically in an aisle-like configuration. The linear flow plan juxtaposing commercial and personal artworks represents temporality, while the depth created by the repetition of reflections and transmissions of the perforated metal expresses spatiality. An attempt was made to allow visitors to feel the entirety of Schmid's activities and their background through the space and physicality of the venue.