kasumigaoka-T, 2021
kobe, hyogo

type: residence
location: kobe, hyogo
floor: 119.2 m²
date: march, 2021
constructor: saitoukoumuten
curtain: fabricscape
photo: nobutada omote

This is a renovation project of a mixed-structure house built during the bubble economy in 1985. The building was built by the owner, who was an architectural designer by profession, as his own residence and office. On the first floor, a Japanese style room and a veranda were converted into a dining room to expand the space, and a decked terrace on the same level as the garden to bring the interior and exterior closer together. In addition, the reddish-orange washi paper on the walls was replaced with scraped walls of the same color to keep the memory of the original. On the second floor, the floor plan was changed to suit the family structure, and all floors, including the corridor and stairs, were carpeted for sound insulation. The aim of the project was to improve the quality of the new living space by updating the detailed plan and materials, while maintaining the original purpose of the building.