150 years in the future, 2023
tokyo national museum, tokyo

type: exhibition
location: taito-ku, tokyo
date: january 2023
constructor: tsumura kogei co., ltd.
photo: kai tamaki, emiri otomi

Glass is a material with a curious fascination, having the characteristic of being in an "intermediate state between solid and liquid" in terms of physics. Exhibition design for Pocari Sweat (Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.), which was exhibited at the Tokyo National Museum's "National Treasures 150 Years Later" exhibition, a commemorative exhibition held to celebrate the museum's 150th anniversary. Pocari Sweat was developed by focusing on the similarities between the components of seawater and the human body, and the concept of an "inner sea" within the human body was the starting point. Since the general framework of the plan was determined by museum regulations, the split, simple display stands were set at random heights to ensure ease of viewing and enjoyment for visitors of various ages. On top of the display stands, blue molded glass was used to represent the "sea," which is the background of the products. The slight unevenness of the multiple layers of glass changes the viewer's perspective depending on the distance, height, and angle of the viewer, and the viewer's movements cause the glass to sway like the shimmering surface of the sea. By using glass to create a phenomenon like the surface of the sea, I intended for the viewer to feel the background of the product.