o anniversary facility: archive space, 2022
itano, tokushima

type: exhibition planning, interior planning
location: itano, tokushima
date: june 2022
project planning: o holdings co., ltd.
editorial supervision: bricolage foundation
architectural design and construction: takenaka corporation
exhibition design: hsdesign co., ltd.
exhibition construction: kobayashi kogeisha co., ltd.
rammed earth wall design collaboration: kumiko hatanaka, wataru nakamura
photo: nobutada omote

Exhibition design and interior design of the exhibition space in the company's 100th anniversary facility.
- archive space
It is an exhibition space where archival materials are stored and a meeting space for employees.
The archive space is designed so that visitors can see through glass to the rammed earth wall, and the space is intended to feel as if it were on the ground even though it is on the basement level.
At the foot of the rammed earth wall is a bench made of the excavated soil from the site.
The backrests of the bench and tiles used for the big arched table are made of soil from the site.
Wooden chairs used at the table were selected to be dyed and manufactured with Awa indigo.
The space created by craftsmen using local materials is an inherently sustainable plan, and demonstrates the company's history and its respect for local culture.