salon de pepe, 2022
osaka, osaka

type:hair salon
location:osaka, osaka
floor:27.4 m²
date:march 2022
lace curtain:fabricscape
photo:nobutada omote

Interior design of a hair salon in Matsuyamachi. The area surrounding the project site is one of the few areas in Osaka City where old-fashioned townscape remains, with war-damaged row houses and stone-paved alleys. In order to efficiently accommodate various functional rooms in the narrow interior, a single R-shaped wall was installed. This wall surface was used for zoning the various rooms, and as an extension of the twisting street in front of the building, we attempted to connect it to the town by mud wall it in a color of Bengara that references materials found in the town. On the west side, where windows are lined up, thin curtains were hung to cover the entire wall to control the western sunlight, and to function as a filter between the interior and the landscape through the windows. Reflecting the owner's decision to open a store here, attracted by the town's environment, we aimed to create an interior that takes into account the connection with the town.