o anniversary facility: entrance hall, viewing space, exhibition space, 2022
itano, tokushima

type: exhibition planning, interior planning
location: itano, tokushima
date: june 2022
project planning: o holdings co., ltd.
editorial supervision: bricolage foundation
architectural design and construction: takenaka corporation
exhibition design: hsdesign co., ltd.
exhibition construction: kobayashi kogeisha co., ltd.
rammed earth wall design collaboration: kumiko hatanaka, wataru nakamura
photo: nobutada omote

Exhibition design and interior design of the exhibition space in the company's 100th anniversary facility.
- entrance hall
The R-shaped wall with a built in large display was planned to serve as an introductory presentation for visitors and to organize flow lines.
A 6.5 meter rammed earth wall was planned in the atrium, continuing from the basement, to create continuity between the first floor and the basement.
- viewing space
A wall dyed with Awa Indigo was planned for the space for viewing archived images.
The Awa Indigo wall suppresses reflections from the light of the images, providing a calming function for the video room, and expressing the local culture of Tokushima, the birthplace of the archive.
- exhibition space
A passage like exhibition space connecting the first floor and basement.
The text information on the walls was planned to be printed directly using diagonal elements to organize the vast amount of information while integrating it with the gently sloping space.
The color insertions added to each section give an intonation to the space that continues for approximately 150 meters.